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ReBlog: The Most Popular Book of All Time

I found this infographic HERE. It explains some great information about the Bible, it's history, facts, and how the translations compare.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Guest Sermon: New Hope Mission Trip

Sermon from Sunday, September 14, 2014
Guest Speakers: Tim Kurbis, Jody Genant, Keith Goehring,
Matt Leischner, AJ Zolnowsky, Nick Zolnowsky

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Sermon: Take Your Burning Bush and ?

Sermon from Sunday, August 31, 2014
Scripture: Exodus 3: 1-15 and Matthew 16: 21-28


Guest Preacher: Theresa Kashale

Guest Preacher: Theresa Kashale from Theresa's House

Clergy Corner: "Ice Bucket Challenge"

You probably have heard about the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” It’s hard to miss. People have been dumping water and ice on their heads as a way to advocate for ALS and raising money. How does it work? You get nominated by your friend to take the challenge. In order to get out of paying the requested amount of $100 you can dump ice and water on your head to only donate $10. You then get to nominate three other people to do the challenge. According to ALSA as of Wednesday, August 27, $94.3 million has been raised. 

Last weekend, I got to see Tim’s aunt get water dumped on her. She was so excited, but I realized that she had no idea why she was doing this. She originally had no idea that this was a way to raise money for an organization to fund research for an ALS cure. She was just as excited when she knew it was for charity.

Why do we do good things? 

Do we do good things so that others see how good we are? Do we do good things because we want the praise for how cool our video is? Do we do good things because we believe in the cause? Do we do good things because we want to see the glory of God? What is your motivation? 

I pray that the money raised through the “Ice Bucket Challenge” will find answers and cures to this horrible disease. However, as I sat dreading the nomination that was eventually to come, I started asking myself: Am I passionate about ALS research? I only have x many dollars to give, is this something I desire giving to? What is my motivation for giving to ALS research? I found myself dreading the day. It came yesterday. Thanks Max.

Deuteronomy 15: 10 says “Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.” 

Asking myself these questions, I realized that I am most passionate about 32 kids in Liberia. An orphanage cannot use their water supply, a dirty swamp, because of the Ebola outbreak. They have no clean water, and their “dirty” water is possibly contaminated. So I gave. My challenge to you: wherever you give, may you do it with joy, with grace, and with peace to the Glory of God.

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